House Rules - PreParty Briefing

Before our parties start, it is Astro City's policy to brief parents on a range of things, including safety,restricted items and how the food works etc.
General questions not covered on this page can be found in the FAQs.d the main points below. General questions not covered on this page can be found in the FAQs.
Running - Due to risk of collision and injury, there is no running allowed in the arcade.
Pool tables - All pool balls and cues are held at the snack bar. If a child wishes to play pool, a responsible adult must,
Collect the pool balls and cues from the snack bar.Stay at the pool table and supervise the entire session.When finished, return the pool balls and cues to the snack bar.
RESTRICTED ITEMS - in this case, things that cause a mess
1) Popcorn
2) Confetti
3)Party PoppersGrated cheese  on sandwhiches (all other types of cheese are allowed)
The best time for the kids to sit down and eat is about half way through the party. Then, after they've been eating for a few minutes, just before they start to leave, is the best time to do the birthday cake.We do it this way to allow staff 20 minutes tidy up time before the end of the party, knowing the food and drink is finished with.
But don't worry, if there's still a small amount of food left, we can work around that.PLEASE NOTE: Due to a short turn around period between parties, the singing of "Happy Birthday" and the cutting of the cake must take place during the party and not after it's finished and the machines have been switched off.
It is suggested that tidying up should start no later than 20 minutes before the end of the party.
Directly after eating, while you've still got the kids attention, is also the best time to take a group photo. The kids are still in one place and the machines are still switched on, providing a colourful backdrop.

But please note. Due to limited time before the next party, group photos cannot be taken after the machines have been switched off and the party has finished.
To reduce mess, food and drink can only be consumed in the eating area and not on the gaming floor. This rule also applies to end of party handouts such as cake and sweet cones. Could we please ask these be opened consumed off the premises
RESTRICTED ITEMS - in this case, things that give off smoke.
Due to there being several smoke detectors / fire alarms on the arcade ceiling, the following items, that have set off the alarms in the past, are no longer  allowed.
Sparklers of any kind
reigniting candals
You can have any number of normal candles on your cake, but they must be lit electronically / with a cigarette lighter.
We will endeavour to switch the machines on 3 minutes before the party starts and switch them off 3 minutes after the party finishes. The kids gain an extra few minutes this way, but in exchange, we do a ''hard switch off.'' What this means is, there won't be any warning, even if the kids are half way through a game, the machines will just switch off!
It is recommended that parents of all children remain at the party. This is to help with supervision, and to maintain a high parent to child ratio.More parents, better supervision!
Astro City wll provide tablecloths with a design that appeals to children. However, if you're having a themed party, you're welcome to bring your own.
To help us keep our machines and games working to a high standard, could we please ask guests to report any faults found whilst playing the games, no matter how small, to a member of staff. This will allow us to repair the machines and have them back in play as quickly as possible.
We hope you will enjoy your Astro City party. If you do, please feel free to share your party photos with us on our Facebook page.
All photos submitted are only for use on this website and our Facebook page.