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Players are advised to arrive in good time for the start of these sessions to get maximun free play, however, you can gain entry any time up to half an hour before the end. As the school holiday and weekend sessions are periodic and not regular, it may be worth making a note of these times, so as not to forget.

Why not spend your evening here in Astro City and join the unlimited free play fun! You'll have a great time playing our arcade machines where there's enough action to keep the whole party amused for hours! The games available include favourites like Pool Tables, Dance Machines, Air Hockey, Football Kicker Machines, Boxing Machines, Driving Machines, Shooting Games, Fighting Games, Pinball Machine, Jukebox, Hammer Machine, Bike Machine, Ball Throwing Games, Kids' Mini Rides, Football Table and lots more! There's also a great selection of old school retro    games such  as Donkey  Kong, Space Invaders, Pac-man, Hyper Sports,

Below is a list of our next free play sessions. Some are regular such as the one held every Friday evening, and others are periodic and will be held on weekends and selected days during school holidays. All these sessions are open to the public, so there's no need to book - you just turn up!

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Galaga, Defender and Super Mario Brothers plus many, many more! So come along now for that real arcade experience!

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All the games in Astro City are family friendly and suitable for all ages.


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If you're undecided about booking a children's party because you're not sure what to expect, why not bring the kids to a free play session first, see if they like it, then decide!

To help us keep our prices as low as possible, entry to these events is done on an admission basis where everyone pays £5, regardless of whether they play the games or not. The only exception are children 3 and under, who are free. Once you're inside, there's over 50 machines and games set to free play for the whole session!



DATE                                                 TIME                ENTRY


Friday sessions

Weekend sessions

Holiday sessions

Wednesday 2nd January    4pm - 6pm     £5

Friday 4th January       7pm - 10pm    £5

Saturday 5th January     7pm - 10pm    £5

Sunday 6th January       1pm - 3pm     £5

Friday 11th January      7pm - 10pm    £5

Saturday 12th January    4pm - 6pm     £5

Sunday 13th January      4pm - 6pm     £5

Friday 18th January      7pm - 10pm    £5

Saturday 19th January    1pm - 3pm     £5

Sunday 20th January      1pm - 3pm     £5

Friday 25th January      7pm - 10pm    £5

Saturday 26th January    4pm - 6pm     £5

Sunday 27th January      4pm - 6pm     £5

Friday 1st February      7pm - 10pm    £5

Saturday 2nd February    1pm - 3pm     £5

Sunday 3rd February      1pm - 3pm     £5

Friday 8th February      7pm - 10pm    £5

Saturday 9th February    4pm - 6pm     £5

Sunday 10th February     4pm - 6pm     £5

Friday 15th February     7pm - 10pm    £5

Saturday 16th February   1pm - 3pm     £5

Sunday 17th February     1pm - 3pm     £5

Wednesday 20th February  12noon - 3pm  £5

A scene from 'Ghosts and Goblins' which can be played in Astro City.

You may purchase any number of wristbands for £5 each in advance of any free play session. Anyone wearing a pre-purchased wristband at the event will be fast tracked to the front of the queue and given VIP entry. Wristbands are on sale in-house during the week and can be puchased for any number of people, but are recommended for large groups of 15 or more. Extra wristbands may purchased on the day at the event and unused wristbands will be refunded.



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