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7pm - 10pm

Special price of £5 per person

Players are advised to arrive in good time for the 7pm start to get maximun free play, however you can arrive any time throughout the evening up to 9pm.


Martin Allen * * * * *

Epic night!!! Get your money's worth in 5 mins!! Will be returning for sure ; ) and great staff, friendly atmosphere and just good vibes!

20th February 2016

Alex Dewson * * * * *

I'm always in Astro, brilliant place to chill, meet people and even enter in friendly competition - definite recommend everytime!

13th February 2016

Mark Pillock Graves * * * * *

Astro city is a great place they have loads of retro games just what I was after and a calm relaxed atmosphere the lock ins and TGC are great value for money. I reguarly go and also take my 6 year old son he enjoys playing pacman and donkey kong.

28th January 2016

James Bates * * * * *

been going here for a while and the staff are very nice and the lockins are a lot of fun

9th March 2016


Doors open 7pm



Why not spend your evening here in Astro City and join the unlimited free play fun! You'll have a great time playing our arcade machines where there's enough high speed action to keep the whole party amused for hours! The games available include favourites like Pool Tables, Dance Machines, Air Hockey, Football Kicker Machines, Boxing Machines, Driving Machines, Shooting Games, Fighting Games, Pinball Machine, Jukebox, Hammer Machine, Bike Machine, Ball Throwing Games, Kids' Mini Rides, Football Table and lots more! There's also a great selection of old school retro games such as Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, Pac-man, Hyper Sports, Galaga, Defender and Super Mario Brothers plus many, many more! So come along now for that real arcade experience!